Asset trace & Recovery

Asset Tracing Capabilities Expertise in global cross-border investigations * Experienced in-house team of multilingual investigators who manage asset traces invisibly and with absolute client discretion * Expertise in identifying beneficial ownership in low-disclosure and offshore jurisdictions * Full compliance with all international regulations and local laws Human Source Intelligence * Established, trusted and discreet global human source network * Generate leads to concealed assets through discreet source consultations 

* Intelligence-led profiling of individuals and assets for leverage in negotiations, including with debtors Evidence * Access to all proprietary and specialist databases, deep-web aggregators and in-country primary sources * Transparent investigative methodology focusing on converting human source intelligence into court-admissible evidence * Reports supported by analytical charts and comprehensive asset inventories Tailored Approach * We can support from trace and identification through to litigation, enforcement and Asset Recovery UK * Reporting as required by the client in writing and through interim briefings * Investigation tailored to the exact requirements of the client